Monday, May 11, 2015

Painting Faces: A Slighty Different Approach

Over the weekend multiple Crystal Brush winner David Powell made a post about painting different scales, and examples used were faces (see it here). An earlier tutorial on his blog taught me a great deal on painting faces and really upped my painting game. Thanks to his teachings I was able to achieve this
and this
and many others.

But now I'd like to introduce you to something slightly different. It's not ground breaking in any way, but I find it can be quite helpful. We as painters love to look at tutorials from other painters to learn new things and improve our craft. There are thousands of great painting tutorials out there, but there are countless tutorials on other subjects that do not involve model painting that can still be of great use. Enter the world of makeup.

Through makeup tutorials you can see a variety of different ways to shade and highlight faces. Find which colors go best with the skin tones you're painting. Learn that if you place a shadow in a spot you never thought should have a shadow, the face pops so much more. Learn how to shade and highlight any face shape you could come across. And much more...

Here are some examples:

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