Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Koth-Yan WIP #1

Here is the start of my version of Koth-Yan. The history of the mini is quite interesting. Originally from Dragonblood Miniatures out of Miami, FL. Dragonblood seemed to produce stand alone minis and dioramas for painters and gamers. They then seemed to go out of business or at least went into limbo, then Cavalcade Wargames bought them and reissued the minis for a game called Shadowsea. Sometime latter is seems Cavalcade is no longer producing minis and Antimatter Games enters the scene, also from Miami, FL. They produce a game called DeepWars which is an underwater based war game. Then they start an offshoot game about an underground world which is accessible only through the oceans in DeepWars, that game is called ShadowSea and they are again reissuing the old Dragonblood miniatures. Anyway, a lot of minis in both games are really nice looking and I will probably pick up many more in the future. But for now, here is the start of my Koth-Yan.


I decided I wanted this guy to be more of an Asian elephant. If you are unaware, Asian elephants change when they age. As humans grow older their hair tends to turn grey or white. Similar to that, as Asian elephants grow older, their skin starts to turn pink and they develop lots of pink freckles.

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