Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Warcolours Paints

A little while back, a man came onto the CMON forums saying he was a chemist and wanted to develop a new line of miniature paints. The goal was to make high quality paints at a very reasonable price. Thinking paints like GW's Citadel paints were too expensive, at £2.55 ($3.92) a 12ml pot, he set a goal of selling paint for £1 ($1.54) per 15ml bottle. He then asked for some product testers and I signed up.
I received 10 paints of varying colors and gave them a try. I really enjoyed them, they were thinner than most paints and had a bit of extended drying time. I found them great for glazing. Others have compared them to Scale 75 paints which I have yet to try but have heard great things.
Since testing them out I have been using them in various projects, and they featured heavily in my Koth-Yan piece:

The colors I used on him were: Yellow Green 3, Green 3, Red 2, Pink 2, Pink 3, Pink 4 and Black 1 

 I encourage all to try them out and see how you like them. You can pick yourself up a starter set RIGHT HERE. Each starter set has 5 different shades of one hue, one transparent paint in that hue, white and black, for a total of 8 15ml bottles at the price of $13.41. There are also many different sets of paints, like the Flesh set, or Silver and Gold NMM sets.

Metallic paints and Inks will be available soon  as well.


  1. Really nice use of them. I was lucky enough to test them out too. Highly recommend. I will be getting the flesh and NMM sets :)

    1. Those are the first 3 set I'm getting as well, haha.