Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Back in Action

After a long holiday break that included time off due to illness, I'm back to painting. Here's what's been happening (I'm sure this will be pic heavy):

First up is the Goblin King mini that was part of the Black Sailors kickstarter. A fun little guy that didn't take long at all to paint, I just need to think of a base for him. At first I wanted to paint some crazy free hand designs on the robe, but then I thought I have too many competition pieces to get through to spend time on that. Maybe I can get back to it after the Crystal Brush is over.

Next is a special project. It's a gift for my father for remembrance of my mom. I used her family tartan in the paint scheme.

Finally, it's back to my CB pieces. This is for the fantasy monster category, rider of the great water-beast:

The rest of the week will be spent finishing up the rider, then it's time to start on the monster itself. That will be a big project, I have some special things planned for it. After that I'll either get back to the large scale entry or start the fantasy single entry. Then I have possible squads to figure out. We'll see what happens with that.