Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Another Chaos Space Marine

In the quest of getting rid of the never ending pile of unpainted minis, I pulled out another Dark Vengeance marine and started slapping paint on it. I'm mostly using it to practice for many techniques. Still trying to get better at NMM and battle damage. The mini also has some unnatural skin, leather and cloth to work on.

In addition to this piece, I'm still working on the Ren bust and two pieces for this year's Golden Vinci contest (put on by The English version of the rules aren't up yet. I know we're not allowed to post final pictures of our entries until after the contest, but due to a poor Google translation, it's unclear if we're allowed to post WIP photos or not. So, I'll hold off on showing what I'm working on until the English rules are posted and it's cleared up.

Here's the progress on the marine so far: