Monday, March 14, 2016

Orsund Cavalier WIP Update

After finishing the gladiator I went back to painting the octopus. I started on the skin pattern with the bright blue rings warning of its toxic nature. It's proving quite difficult to get the outer ring blended properly but I will keep working at it. I also built up the base and poured resin. Resin is always a roll of the dice. You can do everything right and it still turns out disastrous or you can do things sloppily and it turns out perfect. You never know. This time, however, it turned out okay, nothing too bad but not as good as I wanted it.

There's the base, I added some heavy gloss gel to the top for some waves, it hadn't fully dried when I took the pics so some of it was still white. I will do a light dry brush of white to show some wave crests, so the parts that are still white here will probably be white anyway. Okay, now where I'm at with the octopus:


  1. lovely, don't forget to get some gloss on those rocks :)

    1. Yes, definitely some gloss on the rocks, and dripping from the octopus as well.