Sunday, March 27, 2016

Abyssal Warlord WIP #1

Now that all my Crystal Brush entries are finished, it's time to start another project. I've wanted to do this figure for a very long time. A few years ago, on a small painting forum, someone linked a CMON entry and it was the Abyssal Warlord from Scale 75. I fell in love with the figure and the paint job. I had to sign up for the site right there and vote it a 10. And, signing up for the site led me to the WIP forum where I met many great and talented people who've helped transform me into a better painter. Now it's time for me to tackle this beast. So far all I've done is the head and the shield, and that alone was about 12 hours of painting. Here is where it's at currently:

First I had to fill a few small gaps, nothing too hard to do.

Here's the first pass on the head, this was base coating and roughing in the shadows and damage. A few more hours of glazing and we get here:

Now for the shield, first the base coat, then the free hand:

The way it will look on the model

That's where I'm at now. Still have some work to do on the shield, some spots to fix. Then it's on to the body.

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