Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Orsund Cavalier continues, plus other work (pic heavy)

Still plugging away at the big octopus, or really a septapus since it only has 7 tentacles. After the initial base coats I worked on the inner tentacles, doing all the pinks and purples. Then I began some of the yellow parts which will require hours and hours of glazing over the same spots. Especially once I start doing the pattern design.

Here is what I'm going for with this guy:

I wanted to start another project just so I wouldn't go crazy working on thing for so long. This guy was included as a free gift in the Black Sailors kickstarter, he was sculpted by Joaquin Palacios. Easily my favorite sculptor, everything he's done is amazing. On to the figure:

As for the base, I used something I had made for a previous model that I never finished (Queen of Barbary from the Figopedia indigogo). I added a greenstuff torn banner to include a freehand element to the piece. I'll be using this at the Crystal Brush as well and people love a good freehand so you have to work it in where ever you can.

That's all for now, next time I hope to have more work on the octopus done. And maybe even start working on the base.

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