Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bits-Box Chaos Space Marine

Last night I had an urge to work with some green stuff, so I got out my last generic Space Marine and thought of ways I could change him. I don't have a great deal of bits so my options were pretty limited unless I wanted to sculpt a bunch of stuff, which I do not possess the skills to do. I decided to use a right arm and backpack from the Chaos half of the Dark Vengeance box set and set out to make a Chaos Lord.

First I cut and sanded the wings off of the chest piece, leaving the skull in tact, then with GS I added some rope/cables for the cape and some spiked ribbing on the bottom of the chest. Next I cut up the left leg to reposition it so he can be standing on a broken loyalist Space Marine helmet. The leg ended up looking pretty ugly so I added a loin cloth and put a Chaos star where the belt buckle would be. Finally I added a tattered cape, inspired by Spawn.

And here he is with the arms blu-tacked on. The left arm I used a Grey Knight power sword and a chaos star for the pommel. I'll cut and file off the Crux Terminatus on the pauldron and probably GS a few spikes on the trim.

Unfortunately I don't really have a head for him. I was hoping I had a bare head I could use then paint it with some pale, decaying flesh, but I didn't. All I have are generic SM helmets. I thought about sculpting some antlers or horns for a helmet but that didn't turn out well. I may have to hit up some bits dealers on ebay to find something suitable.

As of now I don't know what color scheme I want to paint him, but I do know I want to try some NMM armor à la Glazed Over aka  Gareth Nicholas.


  1. Honestly bitz box marines are always the ones that turn out great because you tend to find cools ways to use mundane bits and poses :) What kindo f head are you looking for chaos or other? I have a nice selection of bare heads i can send you for free. screw ebay! PM me on you address on CMON. I'll post a few heads in your wip thread tonight or tomorrow :)

    1. Oh, thanks a lot, Zab, you're a champ.