Sunday, May 1, 2016

French Buccaneer WIP #1

It's time again to start another project. This is a 75mm model from Pegaso Models, it's of Jean-David Nau aka François l'Ollonnais. He was a French pirate/buccaneer in the 1600's, one of the most ferocious pirates of his time, he earned the nickname "the flail of the Spanish". In one account, as written by Alexandre Exquemelin: "He drew his cutlass, and with it cut open the breast of one of those poor Spanish, and pulling out his heart with his sacrilegious hands, began to bite and gnaw it with his teeth, like a ravenous wolf, saying to the rest: I will serve you all alike, if you show me not another way." Not long after this incident, he was captured by natives and eaten himself. Now, on to the figure:

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